Get real-time actionable insights on your projects

without spending hours on cumbersome spreadsheets containing outdated information from different systems.


Meet Experia Enterprise, your new Enterprise Project Management solution.

CobraSphere Enterprise Project Management Dashboard


Our favourite features out of many


View actionable insights at first glance across all your projects.


Drill down into revenue, timesheet and purchase order costs to view project profitability.


Create your own dashboard by dragging and dropping elements into it.

Users and roles

Collaborate with your team by adding sub-users with different rights and permissions.

Intelligent insights

Get intelligent actionable insights from your data using intelligent analytics.


Use and enhance your existing data sources using two-way integration with your favourite financial and CRM systems.

Experia Enterprise

Discover our advanced business features.

CobraSphere Enterprise Project Management Quarterly Financials
CobraSphere Enterprise Project Management Revenue Graph
CobraSphere Enterprise Project Management Software Integrations